Fiction Writing

  • Dream Date: This is a sci-fi / spec-fi short story about the potential future dangers of data ownership, given current practices of data ownership and sharing. It's also a fun thought experiment about what it'd be like to find your ideal partner by analyzing your dreams!
  • Private Life of American Psychology - Part 1: This is a work in progress of a novel I'm working on that takes place over a 30 year time period. The part here comes from the 1990's and may be enjoyable to some people to get to know the characters and be nostalgic for the 90's
  • Death of a Lunch Lady: This is a short piece inspired by a tragic death that happened in my neighborhood growing up.
  • Matter of Interpretation: This is a short piece about a Christmas Dinner between family where each generation is going through changes that are harder and harder to bridge.


  • Beyond The Flipped Classroom: This is a paper published in SIGSCE 2015 about a model and implementation of hackathons for active, flipped classrooms.
  • Modern Science and the Sellarsian Worry: A philosophy essay from a graduate course I took with Robert Brandom at University of Pittsburgh on Wilfrid Sellars and the place of humans in metaphysics. Old, but maybe interesting enough to go in here.