Put broadly, my research interests involve ethics, public communication, and risk analysis of emerging technologies. I also have a keen interest in democratic education and exploring alternative classroom and learning models.

Technology Ethics

  • The Authority of "Fair" in Machine Learning: Co-authored with Micha Gorelick, this piece looks at the currently literature of Fair ML, discussing the implications of expanding the operating definition of fairness. The aim of the paper is to push ML engineers to consider contextual and democratically-derived notions of fairness within their practice. [Published and Presented in Proceedings of KDD 2017 - Workshop on Fair, Accountable, and Transparent Machine Learning]
  • Survey of Data Ethics: Written for my PhD comps examination at CU-Boulder in Summer 2016, the paper gives a survey of the emerging field of data ethics. The paper gives a historical overview of where questions within data ethics find their roots and what open problems the field has right now.

Design Fiction, Risk, and Futures

Pedagogy and Science Communication